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Are you new to conventions? Are you a convention pro but would like to see if there's information you've missed? This book is for you!
With over 60 pages covering a number of topics for Anime and Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions, from ADA/Disability, your health at cons, what to take in your backpack, to what to expect when meeting a celebrity, and more, this convention book covers it all and will be a great guide. It's also a great size, making it convenient to carry the paperback edition with you.
Also included are helpful planning charts and pages to prepare you even further: budget chart, packing guide, and autograph organizing will be at the end of this book so everything you need will be in one place.
After reading this book, you'll be a Pro when it comes to Cons!

A fun and sometimes poignant look at dogs lives and how their ways can help us live better lives. Contains original artwork, original photos and original poems.

“Ms. Brown knows dogs. And she knows how much dogs are like their people. This is a delightful book, with illustrations that catch a dog's extensive expressions, so much like our own. When you have a rough day, this is a great book to relax with!”            --Amazon Review


Original poems and photographs written from a woman's perspective about life, death, and everything in between. Available in a color edition.

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Upcoming Book: "Under the Waves"
book one in the "Lost Spinner" series 
to be released in 2025

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