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EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR MAGICAL TYPE by Janet M. Brown is more than a diet and health book with recipe ideas; it is a magical book all about magical beings. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to know about magical beings such as elves, dwarfs, and other beings. The entire volume is fascinating! The cover is charming. I wanted to open the book right away. The back cover copy was printed in a small font, but I was able to read it. I love the emphasis on how you should be happy with who you are and how you look. That's so true! I would have enjoyed seeing endorsements. Perhaps on a future edition. I like the author's humility in saying there are suggestions "If you choose to follow them." Inside is a treasure trove of information. In deciding about my own body type, although I could figure out I'm a combination type from the descriptions, illustrations would have been welcome here. I did find the recipes to be intriguing and realistic to make. The large amount of other information, with definitions of different magical beings, folklore, pictures of giants included, make this volume both amazing and comprehensive. I was interested to learn that the author is an herbalist. I hope she'll keep writing magical books!                 

--Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards



I enjoyed reading this book a lot! Janet took a unique approach that was also helpful and insightful for people seeking to lose weight. This is a fun read!            --Amazon Review




1        Body Types                                        

2        Elf                                                     

3        Dwarf                                                 

4        Fairy                                                   

5        Gnome                                             

6        Brownie                                           

7         Leprechaun                                      

8         Mermaid                                           

9         Giant                                                

10        Orcs, Ogres, Trolls, Goblins             

11         Tips on Communicating                   

12         Tips on Detoxing and Fasting          

Appendix A    Glossary of Magical Beings                   

Appendix B    Dwarves                                            

Appendix C    Fairies                                                

Appendix D    Gnomes                                             

Appendix E     Mermaids                                          

Appendix F     Leprechauns                                      

Appendix G    Giants                                                

Bibliography and Suggested Reading                                  

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